Majestic Foxtrotters, LLC

Majestic Foxtrotters, LLC

Muscular System Benefits:
Raises the performance level of your equine athlete by increasing flexibility and range of motion. Reduces muscular fatigue, tension and stress. Helps prevent injury.
Vascular System Benefits:
Increases circulation and removes toxins for faster training recovery.
Skeletal System Benefits:
Aids fracture healing by increasing retention of nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorous.



Audrey Phillips
Equine Sports Massage Therapist
Certified Since 2002 by Animal Dynamics
 (Don Doran Equine Sports Massage Program)
Reddick, FL

Available To Serve
The Springfield, MO Area

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Equine Sports Massage

In any repetitive training program the equine muscular system is asked to endure a tremendous amount of stress and strain.  None more so then training for competition. This stress upon the equine athlete's system frequently results in slightly torn and damaged muscles fibers inhibiting performance and creating spasms (knots) within the muscles. These spasms reduce circulation, thus allowing a build up of metabolic waste products within the muscles which restrict muscular range of motion, and cause early fatigue. Through the use of Sports Massage the horse’s muscular system is returned to a normal healthy state thus allowing the athlete to compete and train at 100%. You will feel the difference in your horse after this work!

Pre-Event Equine Massage
This massages concentrates on getting the equine athlete's muscles ready for strenuous competition. Through the use of vigorous sports massage techniques and assisted stretching, the horse’s muscular system will be ready to perform at maximum potential. Increasing circulation and flexibility through the use of massage and stretching techniques prior to activity has been proven to greatly enhance a horse’s athletic ability.
Recommendation is that this work should be done as close to competition as possible.

Post-Event Equine Massage
The stress and strain of post competition on the Equine athlete is just beginning to be understood. As in humans, strenuous exercise and competition for the horse result in miner stains of muscles and soreness of surrounding connective tissue. That sore and achy feeling that we usually experience 24 hours after activity is compounded in the horse due to their large weight mass. Post event massage concentrates on relieving sore, tried muscles and connective tissue so your Equine athlete is fresh and renewed for the next day. The Post-Event massage is recommended 2-3 hours after competition or work.


Rates start at $35 per session (additional trip fee may apply)

Please call us at (417) 345-5378 for Barn/Multiple Horse Discounts.